Aims / Objective

The main aim of board is to Globalize the education in all the sectors, to modify the lives of poor & street children, respecting the local culture, values and needs of our host communities.

  • To pursue excellence in education acquiring talented faculty and providing an environment conducive to teaching and learning.
  • To educate students by confronting them with real-life problems, and inculcating them a problem-solving ability.
  • To help the poor/needy and intelligent students and to spread education in the society at large level, Special emphasis has been laid on the welfare of SC/ST, Backward castes & womenroach.
  • To establish maximum number of school (s), College (s), Institution (s), Technical/ Professional, Entrepreneurship/ Scientific Development Organizations for the welfare of the society.
  • To establish, construct and develop educational community centers and institutions for achievements.
  • To adopt any running educational institution(s) already working and giving education to the society at large, to uplift the standard and to help management its financially as well as educationally.